13: Diet, Travel and Personal Growth

A research study indicates why many contestants on The Biggest Loser seem destined to gain the weight back. Matt and Scott discuss that along with increasing woes facing airline travelers. Also, the concept of “trying to fail” every day and other ideas on personal growth.

12: FBI Buys Exploits, DDoS Ransoms, Ibuprofen, 10k Year Clock, 1986 in Pics

The FBI reveals approximately how much they payed for the Apple iPhone hack. Matt and Scott discuss the staggering number along with some other for-profit bad behavior on the Internet. Other topics include the use of Ibuprofen for fitness pain management, the 10,000 year clock, and a photo retrospective on the year 1986.

11: FBI and Exploits, Women’s Wrestling in Japan, Solar Energy, Money Profiles

Sounds like the FBI paid for the iPhone exploit and isn’t going to tell Apple how it works. Is that good or bad and should we care? Matt and Scott also discuss a new interesting Japanese culture find. Other topics include more good news about solar, and how people of different incomes deal with money (or don’t.)

10: Star Wars, TV, Energy, Infrastructure

The Rogue One trailer arrived this week! Matt and Scott discuss Star Wars, movie franchises, and the state of TV viewing. Other topics include the plight of fossil fuel industries, crumbling public transportation infrastructure, IP Address location defaults, and a new device for measuring body composition.

09: Music, Siri, IoT, Fear == Stuff

Matt shares some thoughts on the NYT Magazine article about where music is going. (A place where Lionel Richie’s “Hello” lives!) Other topics include Siri’s updates to better handle crisis situations and drama surrounding IoT devices. Finally, is getting rid of fear the first step to getting rid of stuff?

08: Energy, Japan, Resilience, Siri

Matt and Scott discuss the variables in Bill Gate’s equation for getting CO2 emissions down to zero. As Bill and Friends work on the ‘C’, can we work on the ‘E’? Other topics include Japan’s propensity to extract and preserve some classic elements of American (world?) culture, the ability to learn resilience, and whether or not Siri should be “delightful.”

07: Travel, Addiction, Go, Apple

Matt and Scott discuss the concept of “Adventure Roulette” and consider a modified approach. Other topics include an interesting article about heroin addiction myths, some Google Go (the game, not the language) talk, what motivated the FBI’s change in course regarding Apple, and reactions to the recent Apple event (camera bump be damned!)

05: Diet vs Cancer, Microsoft, Step Count

Scott shares details of his new Zone Diet. Some related articles popped up this week about the connection between food, cancer, and health. Microsoft seems to be turning a new leaf and embracing other platforms. Matt contemplates getting a FitBit.