34: The Tragedy of David Pogue

Matt and Scott kick things off with some travel recap, which for Scott inspires lots of complaining. Scott finally switched to AT&T so future consternation about T-Mobile is unlikely (lucky for Matt.) Discussion continues on some interesting articles about new tools built to craft the movie, Rogue One, a new idea to improve solar cell efficiency, and the magic accessibility features of iPhone that most people aren’t aware exist. Both add Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri to their must-see movie lists.

33: Staring at Things and Ruining Your Eyes

Matt and Scott (ironically) begin by discussing the delay in getting AAI episodes published [Spoiler alert: this one’s been in the can for a while.] Next up are personal perspectives on a WSJ article about preventing aging before it’s too late. Other topics include some surprisingly banned children’s books, Apple-endorsed LG display woes, and how smart health device data may incriminate (or exonerate) you. Finally, an interesting video of people choosing to jump (or not) from a 10 meter diving platform. Whether Matt or Scott would jump is up in the air (pun intended.)

32: Bread Products Out of a Can

Scott reveals to Matt the great lengths he will go to for free coffee. A recap of the Super Bowl follows including talk of streaming (in Spanish nonetheless), commercials, the game, the halftime show, as well as disaster halftime shows past. Other topics include Astronaut, a site that unearths little watched YouTube videos, the skillful manner in which Louis C.K. delivers a joke, and some follow up from Matt after viewing Zero Dark Thirty.

31: I haven’t felt that way since Windows XP

Matt and Scott get things started with some updates on diet and Apple stuff (is Apple Music really Windows XP bad?) Conversation topics begin with an article on what makes a good movie ending credits scene and a list of life lessons people often learn too late (spoiler: not eating pie may lead to regret.) Other items include a ranking of America’s best chicken nuggets and a key misconception about the Star Wars “final trench run.” Finally a video about driving in the left lane leads to discussion of all kinds of road-rage-inducing behavior.

30: They’re Taking From You Your Privacy

This episode is accompanied by decaf coffee in support of Matt’s January health challenges, on which he gives an update. Some follow-up on Scott’s AirPods leads to tales of wired headphone fitness disasters. Privacy concerns abound while discussing Amazon Echo (Alexa just may testify against you at trial) and Wired’s misbehaving website. “Important” topics include the restoration of old Land Cruisers, a potential viral cause of obesity, and why it’s so hard to get over your Ex.

29: Better Than Cable Spaghetti

Things get kicked off with talk of new toys! Matt purchased a shiny new mic stand for the podcast and Scott got some AirPods. Next up are some opinions on Rogue One and what’s up next in the Star Wars universe. That leads into discussion of the late Carrie Fisher and another recent celebrity departure George Michael (or was it Boy George?) Finally some talk of New Year’s Resolutions.

28: 30 Minutes

Matt and Scott kick off the conversation with diet updates, including a new challenge Matt is undertaking: No sweets or alcohol for the month of January! (He may be setting himself up for a long, sad, cold, Minnesota winter…) Having just visited Chipotle for dinner, discussion of the current state of affairs at the Chipotle restaurant chain follows. Other topics include building cities of the future and some picks from TIME’s influential photographs list.

27: 6.3 Pounds

Inspired by last episode’s discussion, Matt and Scott sample a couple of Rye Whiskeys (including one “Pennsylvania style.”) Scott gives an update on his new weight-loss initiative as well as his iPhone replacement experience. Other topics include sticking with the guitar in modern times, some awesome Beastie Boys mashups, the makings of a perfect night out, and measuring natural disasters using the “Waffle House Index.”

26: About 60 Hours

After previous discussions of intermittent fasting, Scott gives it a try. Matt and Scott discuss that as well as his new weight loss initiative. Next up is discussion of an article outlining the history of Pennsylvania Rye through prohibition and beyond. Other topics include Glenn Beck turning over a new leaf, and a website the kids gotta see.