24: Apple Watch, Godzilla, Chiasmus, Dylan, Julia Child, Repairability, McMansions

Matt and Scott kick off the conversation with discussion of Scott’s new Apple Watch, followed by some talk of AirPods, “Gojira”, and how the Back to the Future trilogy is one big chiasmus. Next up is a video analyzing Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower and general discuss of his Nobel Prize win. Remaining topics include the virtues of buying repairable goods, some quick facts about Julia Child, and a tour though McMansion Hell.

23: Juicing, Apple Keynote, Prince Tributes

Matt and Scott follow up on Scott’s juice fast experiment and fasting in general. Then comes some obligatory discussion of the Apple keynote and whether any new gadget purchases are likely on the horizon. Finally, a little talk about the rarity of a good Prince cover.

22: Safari Woes, Juicing, Battery Life, Desalination, Everything’s Okay

Matt and Scott kick off the episode complaining about Safari (an easy target of late.) Scott’s newest toy is a juicer, as he embarks on a juice fast. Other topics include (perceived?) reduction in battery life, what’s to come from Apple, Israel as a model for successful freshwater production through desalination, and whether the world is really falling apart (hint: it’s not.)

21: Emoji, Tequila, Hillary, Siri, Batman vs. Superman and Tequila

Matt and Scott sample a few Tequilas and talk politics, always a great combination! Discussion centers on an in-depth article about the difference between Hillary Clinton’s public persona and the person her colleagues know. Other topics include Apple’s kinder, gentler handgun emoji and the real problem with Batman vs. Superman.

20: Fixed Stuff, Yahoo!, GoPro, Movies and Excitement

Matt’s MacBook Pro LIVES! Matt and Scott wonder about how Yahoo could possibly be worth $4 billion to Verizon. Matt provides some updates on his GoPro image processing progress. Plus some Star Wars related topics, a new look at “The Devil Wears Prada” ten years after release, and whether anxiety can be repurposed as excitement.

19: Broken Stuff, Diet, Cancer, Running, App Reviews

Matt and Scott revisit diet and health related topics based on findings in some recent articles. Do low carb diets actually work, and what effect can we have on our cancer risk? Plus discussion of a renewed commitment to running, and some iOS application reviews. RIP Matt’s MacBook Pro.

18: Pixar, Waze, Automatic, GoPro

Matt and Scott discuss some Internet finds including a video about how Pixar excels at storytelling, a visualization of Billboard Hot 100 hits over time, and an article showing how traffic tech can affect suburban streets. Also some new toys!…a GoPro for Matt and an Automatic for Scott.

16: Sleep or the Lack Thereof

How much sleep should we get? How does sleep or lack thereof affect our bodies and minds? The Internet is filled with discussion on the importance of sleep and advice about sleep. Matt and Scott talk about some of these resources and share thoughts on their own sleep habits.